After much pondering, Jim Cobabe favored us with:

I'm living at my folk's place in central Utah these days.  Not doing
much of anything--I've just been hanging around half-heartedly looking
for gainful employment.  I can come and find you just about any time. It
would be great fun to get together--how about a temple session at Provo,
or Timpanogos?
Fantastic, Jim. Let's go to Timp. Can you check the schedule? The temple is closed on Monday, isn't it? I for sure want to do a temple session while I'm there. It is so hard to get to a temple when one is in Ketchikan. Our stake president is really stresses how important it is for us to go when we are down south. I don't know how anyone could miss it.

Your friend and brother,
John W. Redelfs, [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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