I understand that the Church does not endorse any political policy, 
except in cases where a moral issue is involved.  There is a strong 
effort to avoid the suggestion that the platform of a particular 
political party represents or has the unilateral backing of the Church.  
This has been the policy of the Church as long as I have been aware.

I do not recall any general Church statments from the First Presidency 
that have mentioned any particular concern or direction with regard to 
partisan politics.  It has long been my impression that we should 
deliberate on important political matters independent of any partisan 
considerations.  To fulfill this directive Church members are encouraged 
to be personally involved in local politics.  That has been the extent 
of the counsel.

Elder Jensen, a Church General Authority and Utah Democrat, in a 
statement to the media, reemphasized this point.  He also shared a 
personal concern of "some of the brethren" about the possible unwanted 
ill effects stemming from lack of political diversity in the Utah 
political scene.  He expressed the thought that it was unfortunate for 
Church members to have unjustified negative impressions of the 
Democratic party, since some good people choose to affiliate therein.h 
He did not, however, suggest in any way for members to support 
Democratic partisan policy, split themselves evenly between parties, 
join the Democrats, or vote for Democrat candidates, since that would 
have contradicted other points of his statement, and the long-standing 
general counsel.  Elder Jensen did not elaborate about which "brethren" 
he was referring to, nor did he develop this thought much further, and I 
don't recall any other statements from the Church augmenting his brief 

What I got from his statement was that it's just fine for Church members 
to be Democrats, if they so choose.  And it's also fine if they choose 
something else.

Mij Ebaboc

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