Most of the concern about Utah Democrats wasting away to nothing is 
misplaced anyway.  Democrats have always been well represented as a 
minority in state politics.  There are regularly Democrat members of the 
Utah delegation to the US Congress, as with the current Sentator 
Matheson, and formerly Bill Orton.  Democrats have been elected Governor 
of Utah and Mayor of SLC many times in the past.  Scott Matheson and Ted 
Wilson are well-noted examples, men who served in thier political 
appointments with honor and distinction.

My real animosity with Democrats is primarily directed toward a few 
unrepresentative radical liberals, who for some reason simply seem tend 
more to Democrat affliliation.  I believe these people entertain ideas 
and ideologies that are a danger to my freedom and personal welfare.  
Perhaps California Senator Barbara Boxer is one of the more spectacular 
examples.  But of course there are equally dangerous fringe Rebublicans, 
left and right, that also belong on the list of those who'd never be 
missed.  And the most serious threat, from deceitful and evil 
power-mongering Gadiantons, probably defies any partisan poltical or 
philosophical characterization.  I am sure that kind of secretive 
wickedness lives in niches all along the political spectrum.

Mij Ebaboc

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