I think it means what it says, but the point is that modern-day prophets have
defined what the WoW means for us. I'll give you an example. Many people assume it
means no caffeine, but if that were the case a good portion of OTC drugs that we
take would be verboten. Is decaff okay? No. Clearly we're not to drink coffee or
(green/black) tea. That's what it means, not "no caffeine." We tend to get bogged
down in unimportant details.

But in any case the phrase you quote doesn't mean vegetarianism, as a vegetarian
will eat no meat, not just "eat meat sparingly."

Jon Spencer wrote:

> So exactly what does (paraphrasing from memory) the following mean: "eat
> meat sparingly and only in the winter" ?
> Jon, soon to be on his way for a quarter pounder with cheese
> Marc A. Schindler wrote:
> Again, I say, we should follow the commandments of the prophets, and they
> have
> told us to get involved in politics. I don't see that that implies
> necessarily
> that we'll get involved at the expense of the Gospel. Quite the opposite,
> since
> we're doing what we're told to do. It's just like the Word of Wisdom -- some
> people take it to extremes, trying to convert others to, say, vegetarianism
> on
> the supposed basis of the WoW.
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