We all know the caffeine thing.  (Actually, one of the funny little side
comments from the movie "Singles Ward" is about how his girlfriend is less
than enthusiastic about him because she found a couple of empty Dr. Pepper
bottles in his car.  Ya gotta see this movie if you haven't!)

I clearly didn't mean that it meant that we should be vegetarians (given my
signature line).  However, I think that the meaning is quite clear, and that
we would probably all do better, and receive more blessings, if we followed
the WoW a little more closely than we do (myself included).  And I do not
need to rely on the prophets for something that, as far as I know, they have
not commented upon.  I believe that it is up to me to understand the best I

And as far as I can tell, the veggies live the WoW better, on this topic,
than does the average member I know (myself included).


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I think it means what it says, but the point is that modern-day prophets
defined what the WoW means for us. I'll give you an example. Many people
assume it
means no caffeine, but if that were the case a good portion of OTC drugs
that we
take would be verboten. Is decaff okay? No. Clearly we're not to drink
coffee or
(green/black) tea. That's what it means, not "no caffeine." We tend to get
down in unimportant details.

But in any case the phrase you quote doesn't mean vegetarianism, as a
will eat no meat, not just "eat meat sparingly."

Jon Spencer wrote:

> So exactly what does (paraphrasing from memory) the following mean: "eat
> meat sparingly and only in the winter" ?
> Jon, soon to be on his way for a quarter pounder with cheese
> Marc A. Schindler wrote:
> Again, I say, we should follow the commandments of the prophets, and they
> have
> told us to get involved in politics. I don't see that that implies
> necessarily
> that we'll get involved at the expense of the Gospel. Quite the opposite,
> since
> we're doing what we're told to do. It's just like the Word of Wisdom --
> people take it to extremes, trying to convert others to, say,
> on
> the supposed basis of the WoW.

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