Jim wrote
>Hypocrisy is a troubling concept for me.  I often reflect on the rights 
>and wrongs of my life, and find that I have generally fallen far short 
>of the ideals and correct principles I claim to embrace.  In short, I am

>a hypocrite.

I read your letter and appreciate your sentiments. I find that it helps
to not think of ourselves as any better than anyone else. It may be true
that we are accomplishing all kinds of things and are doing a super job
in building the Lord's kingdom, but the bottom line is we are always
"unprofitable servant" and are as low as the dust. This kind of thinking
will keep our minds balanced so we don't get puffed up and think we are
better than others. When we get puffed up in our knowledge or experience
it tends to turn us into know-it-alls and it often shows.

Be slow to point the finger at another and be quick to acknowledge you
owns faults both in private and in public and do the best you can in
living the gospel. If you do these things you will never be a hypocrite
and humility will come more naturally. Now, I'm not saying I'm the most
humble guy around but I don't think I'm any better than any one else.

Paul O

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