As Rick said, "Hogwash."  Macarthur couldn't stand his ground without taking
out the bridges.  The US gov't, infiltrated as it was (and it was) with
traitors, convinced Truman that if this were to occur, the Chinese would be
upset and turn nasty.

However, Macarthur violated the US Constitution and needed to be replaced.
he also cared too much about having Americans needlessly slaughtered, but I
guess that was not a good enough justification for his actions.


Dan R Allen wrote:
> No, he _wasn't_ ordered to "stand down". He was ordered to stand his
> ground, and retreat only if necessary.
> MacArthur's problem was that he wanted to invade China - regardless of the
> cost, and challenged the orders of the Joint Chiefs publicly. The military
> doesn't look kindly on that kind of activity - it suggests a lack of unity
> and control. The American People are not part of the chain of command.
> The problem with MacArthur's plan was that it would all but require the
> of Nukes once we made into China proper. Truman didn't want to be backed
> into that corner, so he moved MacArthur out of the way.
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