Well, I'm sure you know that has changed today (although I'm not responding directly 
to your implication that it would be with nuclear weapons -- the doctrine was that 
during the
Cold War we would have been the "Belgium" if a nuclear exchange broke out between the 
US and the USSR, as we're smack dab between them), with bin Laden's threat against 
U.S. allies. Given his modus operandi, where he tells people what he's going to do, 
does it (or someone says "hey, Osama's got a great idea!" and does it for him), and 
then tells
everyone what he's done, we aren't safe. But then we never were. This is a clash of 
civilizations, not even a clash of religions.

There's an interesting essay in September's Harper's about how the U.S. felt violated 
by 9-11 and why (as opposed to how they could react differently to other people's 
-- I mean over and above the fact that "a recession is when your neighbour loses his 
job, a depression is when you lose your job"). Maybe I'll scan it and share it, but it 
this point that it was an invasion of civilization, not the U.S. as a nation-state.

Mark Gregson wrote:

> > In effect we've struck a devil's bargain -- raw materials and geography in turn
> > for huddling under your nuclear umbrella, so your son's actually not far off the
> > mark.
> I'd feel much safer without the umbrella, especially since 11 September 2001.  No 
>one has ever yet given me a list of the enemies who could attack Canada, let alone 
>who would.
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