>>> Scott favored us with the following: >>>
>I tend to use (not abuse) the "Ox in the mire" philosophy. For 
>instance, there was a time a few months back where I had to 
>run to the store for something we really needed on a Sunday. 
>I felt really bad about it, and resolved more strongly to anticipate 
>such needs before hand. I did go, but I repented of my lack of 
>forethought. Most of the time if I find I need something on a 
>Sunday, I just have to do without. I don't recall what it was 
>that was so important, but I do recall the incedent as I felt
>so badly about it.

Generally, I have found that if I need something on a Sunday (like an
egg or two) and cannot seem to go without it, I will go to a neighbor's
house and ask if I can "borrow" the item from them. I figure it gives me
chance to get to know my neighbors (and take advantage of them,
apparently - ;->), while at the same time avoid going to the store and
purchasing what I need.
Of course, as you said, it is best to anticipate your Sabbath day needs
and purchase / prepare them the day before.

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