Pres. Harold B. Lee had an interesting aphorism. He said, "It's okay to rescue
your ox from the mire on Sunday. But not if you pushed him into it on Saturday
evening." (he meant: prepare yourselves for the Sabbath ahead of time to the
extent you can)

Geoff FOWLER wrote:

> >>> Scott favored us with the following: >>>
> >I tend to use (not abuse) the "Ox in the mire" philosophy. For
> >instance, there was a time a few months back where I had to
> >run to the store for something we really needed on a Sunday.
> >I felt really bad about it, and resolved more strongly to anticipate
> >such needs before hand. I did go, but I repented of my lack of
> >forethought. Most of the time if I find I need something on a
> >Sunday, I just have to do without. I don't recall what it was
> >that was so important, but I do recall the incedent as I felt
> >so badly about it.
> Generally, I have found that if I need something on a Sunday (like an
> egg or two) and cannot seem to go without it, I will go to a neighbor's
> house and ask if I can "borrow" the item from them. I figure it gives me
> chance to get to know my neighbors (and take advantage of them,
> apparently - ;->), while at the same time avoid going to the store and
> purchasing what I need.
> Of course, as you said, it is best to anticipate your Sabbath day needs
> and purchase / prepare them the day before.
> Geoff
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