Its owners live in Canada, so you raise a very good question about taxation, and
I'm not sure what the answer is.

Sandy and Melinda Rabinowitz wrote:

> My goodness.  How difficult would it be for the US and Canada
> to sign a treaty and redraw the border by a few yards?  Let
> the pumps fly the Canadian flag, and if'll make the U.S.
> happy, let them build their fences and their watchtowers
> behind the filling station.  And if the US is concerned about
> losing territory, maybe they can get a few hectares of land
> in the Yukon annexed to Alaska, and then it's all even-steven.
> I mean, don't get me wrong, I don't ordinarily have an issue
> with our respective governments trying to enforce a border,
> but this is ridiculous!
> Incidentally, that makes me is the gas station
> itself able to conduct business?  Must it file U.S. and
> Canadian tax returns?  What if the cash register is
> on the Canadian side of the line?  Does that mean customers
> then pay both Maine sales tax and the Canadian GST?  Is
> there a huge painted red line in the middle of the station's
> parking lot that says "Caution: US Border, cross at your
> own risk"?  And if our government is willing to do all this
> for a gas station, what might they do if a "Shopper's Drug
> Mart" occupied the same space?  Oh, the ideas that abound...
> /Sandy/
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