Marc A. Schindler wrote:

> We could call it the Ketchikan Duty Free Zone, like they have in the

JWR - what do you think of this?  is it a good idea?  If so, I could try to
get it on the North Carolina Republican Party platform.  :-)


>Where there's a genuine cloud on the horizon is the Northwest Passage,
which has
>been too ice-choked to be considered as a serious alternative to the Panama
>However, with global warming breaking up the ice pack, the NWP is ice-free
>longer and longer periods each year. Soon it will be completely navigable.
>we're not sure we want a "Valdez" sailing through our waters (again, the US
>considers it an international passageway). Oil tankers from Aberdeen and
>could get to San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver and Los Angeles faster
through the
>NWP than they can through the Panama Canal. One compromise that has been
>is that every ship register with Ottawa, and be escorted through the
Passage by a
>Canadian coast guard vessel (this was concept-tested a few years ago with
the MS
>Manhattan, being led by an RCMP patrol and icebreaker ship.)

What cloud?  This is sew kewl!  The Chinese just wasted quite a lot of time
and money grabbing up the Panama Canal!  Fooled them, didn't we?  And this
will provide many, many jobs for the Canadians, what with all the escort
services they will have to provide.  (I hope this escort service doesn't
degenerate into the filth that other escort services have fallen to :-)


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