English requires that if one is referring to more than one person, one use the
plural form. Two is more than one (at least in the metric system). There is also a
hidden assumption in your response that only Zionisti were included. That may or
may not be correct.

Stephen Beecroft wrote:

> -Marc-
> > As I have suggested to USAmericans who are over-reacting, leave
> > the thin-skinned theatrics to us Canuckistanis. We do it far
> > better, having had more practice. ;-)
> "Over-reacting"? As far as I have seen, you've made that comment to two
> people on this list -- Jim, who expressed amazement that Ducros would
> voice such a politically incorrect, though honest, opinion; and myself,
> who disagreed with your characterization of Ducros as a non-politician.
> Neither viewpoint seems to me to be an overreaction.
> But then, perhaps you were merely demonstrating your point. :)
> Stephen
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