> A customer is not in any way responsible for what one of its
> subcontractors say unless it is in the context of both of them
> acting together.

So then, why do you bother including the disclaimer at the end of each 
of your posts?

> And please read properly: it was the *Alberta* government in
> the MediaWorks situation, not the *Canadian* government.

Good point, duly noted.

> If you can't even get that right, it's no surprise that you
> get everything else wrong, too.

Thanks for the kind words.

> Jim was wrong, as I've demonstrated on several ocasions. I
> don't care about his dictionary definition. Ducros is no Ari
> Fleischer.

So then, the dictionary is only correct if it agrees with your personal 

> Your ignorance just makes you look silly.

How true this is. Thanks again for more kind words.


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