Stephen Beecroft wrote:

> -Marc-
> > A customer is not in any way responsible for what one of its
> > subcontractors say unless it is in the context of both of them
> > acting together.
> So then, why do you bother including the disclaimer at the end of each
> of your posts?

I don't follow you. I don't have any clients, nor am I anybody else's client on
this list. But I *will* tell you why I started putting that disclaimer on all of
my email. Once, on a non-LDS list, a geography list on moderated by a
young geography prof at UCDavis, someone took exception to something I said and
threatened to take his complaint to my boss. Also, when I had a calling in public
affairs, I was asked not to write any letters-to-the-editor on Church-related
matters (not even to defend the Church against a bad article, for instance).

> > And please read properly: it was the *Alberta* government in
> > the MediaWorks situation, not the *Canadian* government.
> Good point, duly noted.
> > If you can't even get that right, it's no surprise that you
> > get everything else wrong, too.
> Thanks for the kind words.

Hey, it's my job. Just pointing these things out, like you like to do. Who watches
the watchers?

> > Jim was wrong, as I've demonstrated on several ocasions. I
> > don't care about his dictionary definition. Ducros is no Ari
> > Fleischer.
> So then, the dictionary is only correct if it agrees with your personal
> definition?

He was wrong when he said it was a public statement -- he's never retracted that,
even after being shown that it wasn't a public statement. And it is illogical to
claim that because I disagree with someone's interpretation of a dictionary in use
in one particular country, that I therefore hold an idiosyncratic definition of my
own. Hello? There are far more anglophones outside the USA than inside the USA. I
explained the difference between Ducros and Fleischer. I have worked with
provincial counterparts of Ducros. I think I can speak on the basis of direct
experience. But Jim never acknowledged that either.

> > Your ignorance just makes you look silly.
> How true this is. Thanks again for more kind words.

Well, you're the one who's used to being in the "keep 'em straight" saddle. How
does it feel? I meant nothing personal or insulting. As a favourite saying of mine
goes, "there's a big difference between ignorance and stupidity: ignorance can be
fixed, but stupidity is forever." I never called either you or Jim stupid, but I
do believe that, based on this exchange and your refusal to see that things don't
necessarily work the way you're used to outside your sphere of influence, that you
were exhibiting a lack of knowledge -- ignorance, iow.

> Stephen

Marc A. Schindler
Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada -- Gateway to the Boreal Parkland

“Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time he will pick
himself up and continue on” – Winston Churchill

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