Our ignorance, we are informed, makes us look silly.  Ain't it the 

Have to accept this assertion about Stephen, I guess, since I have not 
met him in person, and can't really guess how his ignorance makes him 
look.  Perhaps he habitually wears clown makeup, with a white painted 
face and big red bulbous nose, orange fright wig.  That would certainly 
make him look silly, in most circumstances.

Interesting to consider this from another perspective, too.  If our 
ignorance makes us look silly, how does our enlightenment affect our 
appearance?  Are the two factors somehow antagonistic?  Does one somehow 
prove to be dominant and the other recessive?  Might be a good question 
for scientific inquiry.

About my own appearance--I've always been pretty much in agreement with 
the sentiment that I look silly.  Just seems to be my natural condition. 
 Never could quite pin it down to anything so specific as the ignorance 

A word of caution would seem to be in order, though.  Perhaps it would 
be appropriate to note that such invective issuing from Canada has a way 
of assuming an unwarranted degree of importance.

Of course, we could just dismiss the whole story as being simply 
figurative, merely symbolic.  :-)

Mij Ebaboc

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