Indeed. I am only one in thirty million. Aim your invective at me alone. I do not
speak for all Canadians.

Jim Cobabe wrote:

> Our ignorance, we are informed, makes us look silly.  Ain't it the
> truth.
> Have to accept this assertion about Stephen, I guess, since I have not
> met him in person, and can't really guess how his ignorance makes him
> look.  Perhaps he habitually wears clown makeup, with a white painted
> face and big red bulbous nose, orange fright wig.  That would certainly
> make him look silly, in most circumstances.
> Interesting to consider this from another perspective, too.  If our
> ignorance makes us look silly, how does our enlightenment affect our
> appearance?  Are the two factors somehow antagonistic?  Does one somehow
> prove to be dominant and the other recessive?  Might be a good question
> for scientific inquiry.
> About my own appearance--I've always been pretty much in agreement with
> the sentiment that I look silly.  Just seems to be my natural condition.
>  Never could quite pin it down to anything so specific as the ignorance
> factor.
> A word of caution would seem to be in order, though.  Perhaps it would
> be appropriate to note that such invective issuing from Canada has a way
> of assuming an unwarranted degree of importance.
> Of course, we could just dismiss the whole story as being simply
> figurative, merely symbolic.  :-)
> ---
> Mij Ebaboc
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Marc A. Schindler
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“Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time he will pick
himself up and continue on” – Winston Churchill

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