A Mormon Armenian in Turkey? I wonder if most of the members there are
either ex-Pats or other Christian peoples, as opposed to Turks.
Although, thanks to Ataturk, it should be easier for the Church in
Turkey than in most other Islamic nations.

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Dear Br. Topakian,

It was nice to hear from you again. I certainly hadn't forgotten about
you. My son had read the book already while he was in Russia on his
mission, but I want to get a replacement copy, and FAIR
(www.fairlds.com) has reprinted them and I'll be able to order a copy
soon. There are people in my ward I want to lend it out to.

Congratulations on being set apart as First Counsellor.  Do you know
where other branches in Turkey are? (see www.gatheringofisrael.com and
on the left side see the Atlas. But here's a shortcut to my current
of Turkey:

(all branches are branches of the Greece Athens Mission; it's nice to
see former enemies united in the Gospel, isn't it? Now if we could
missionaries into Iraq :-)

aratopakian wrote:

> Dear Elder Schindler , I could not send you and tell you that I am
> very grateful to you , because I lost your e-mail address .I am
> grateful to you because , you had sent me a book about " How to
> the anti-mormon attacks ? " . İt was your son's book and I was
> extremely pleased . Now again I am very happy to find you . I am the
> first counselor of the branch presidency in İstanbul.I try to serve
> others ( Mosiah 2 : 14-19 ) . I hope that you are all well and I am
> glad to meet you . İf you need anything from İstanbul do not
> to write me sir . Meanwhile , I remain with kindest regards and very
> best wishes . God bless you and your family . With love ,     Ara
> Topakian
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