Atatürk, which was his popular name (offhand I believe his real name was something
Mustafa -- I'd have to go check). But he'd taken military training in England at
Sandhurst and came back to Turkey, in the 1920s, determined to modernize and
secularize Turkey. Islamist (or any other religious) party is forbidden under the
Turkish constitution. He forbade men to wear the fez (a sign of Islam there, as in
Moroco) and he changed the language from which relied on the Arabic alphabet to
one that used the Roman alphabet, with a whole chunk of diacritical marks. His
adopted name means "Father of the Turk[ish Nation]"  The Turkish military steps in
if the constitution is violated.

Jon Spencer wrote:

> Is that the Turkish version of attaboy?
> Jon
> Geoff FOWLER wrote:
> Although, thanks to Ataturk, it should be easier for the Church in
> Turkey than in most other Islamic nations.
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