Offer to let her shave your head.  I can't guarantee that will save your
head, but it might be a start. Letting her in on the act might just be
the ticket.  

BTW I understand that some people have mild or worse allergies to their
own hair. Maybe I read that in the National Inquiring Midnight Star in a
super market checkout line. Tell her that you have it on good authority
that the reason you have that little traveling wound on your noggin is
that you have a moderate to severe allergy to your own hair. She will
not want to continue torturing you. 

OTH you could just keep your head of hair.  It's quite handsome. If mine
had looked as good as yours I might have done the same.  And you can
always get some of that spray to make the bald spot disappear. Suggest
to Esperanza that she could get you some for Christmas. Then you would
have no fear of sitting down in a public place.


Cardston, Alberta

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> For a number of years I have wanted to shave my head, but Esperanza
> no.  Yesterday she made a major concession.  She says that if I get my
> weight down to 250 lbs. she will let me shave my head.  Hurrah!
> Of course that means that I'll have to shed 86 lbs.  I don't think
> Esperanza is too worried about me shaving my head. <grin>
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