JWR explained:

>The military really drilled me into the prejudice
> that a man should be "covered" only while outdoors

I have sometimes wondered where that prejudice came from.  If you get 15
or more men sitting around a table at Stake PEC and someone drops the
idea that some of the youth have been seen wearing their caps in the
church again and what should we do about it, it is amazing the variety
of responses you get. Some people go ballistic about it. Others (the
ones wearing their caps) don't seem to see the problem.  I never thought
to enquire about their military history to see what was formative in
those attitudes.

I think if you feel good about wearing a hat indoors you really should
feel fine about wearing a toupee. What is a toupee anyway?  Just a hat
with fur on it.  But seriously John, you are far from needing a toupee,
or a hat.  You may have a few problems with major depression and all
that, but you certainly don't have the severe insecurity and vanity that
leads to that sort of behaviour!  

OTOH wearing a hat out of doors is great.  I was watching that old
Christmas movie Miracle of 34th Street the other day and some of the
hats those guys wore were wonderful, and I was wishing the fashion would
come back. (I wonder if the church isn't partially responsible for
driving men's hats out of the social consciousness.  We dressed our
missionaries in them for too long. Until the image ceases to recall the
strong impressing "mormon missionary incoming" hats don't have a hope of
regaining favor with the world) I took notice of the great hats partly
because Betty and I went shopping for a dress hat for me in Lethbridge a
couple of weeks ago.  I needed something to wear with a black suit, a
black overcoat, and black shoes at a graveside service on a cold winter
day.  Finally I found a lovely beaver felt hat at a western store.  The
hat had a wide satin/silk band and it was the right color and didn't
really have a western cut.  Perfect for my "blues brothers" appearances
as well.  (Remember I play the blues harp.)  But it was the only hat in
town as far as we could tell after 2 hours of looking.  Very fine men's
wear stores had no dress hats and offered two or three lids fit for
wearing to a golf country club luncheon in an ascot and sports coat if
you were color blind and allergic to the sun.   I did buy the felt hat.
It cost about $100 which was something of a bargain (or so the store
owner told me). And I got scolded for putting it down on a flat surface
(ruins the shape of the brim) and for taking it off with my thumb and
fingers in the notches at the top front (leaves grease marks over time).
Seems the guy took his training at the Nazi Soup Lover's school of
merchandising.  (Do you think my post would be more scholarly if I took
out all the parenthetical comments and stuck them at the end as
footnotes? It would make it more difficult to read, and I think that's
the first requirement of any scholarly work.)


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