I advised freely:

And you can
> always get some of that spray to make the bald spot disappear. Suggest
> to Esperanza that she could get you some for Christmas. Then you would
> have no fear of sitting down in a public place.
> http://www.folica.com/cosmetics/topcoverage.htm

Hey, I just looked at the chemical composition of that spray. (SD
alcohol 40, Isobutane, Acrylates/PVP copolymer, Propane iron oxides,
Titanium dioxide, Silica, Triethyl citrate, Phenyl Trimethicone,
Aminomethyl propanol, SDA-CA-2141.)  I don't think it would be right to
spray it in the same room as an open sore, let alone directly on said
wound. Certainly you wouldn't want to spray it in a room with an open
flame.  So the spray may not be an option.  Ask her how she feels about
rugs or transplant surgery.  Sometimes when I let my ambition run wild,
I think I might like to sing in the MTC, but then I remember that I
would have to wear a rug to fit in, and then I also remember that you
have to audition and they are probably able to tell those of us who
really can't sing.  Finally I notice that sometimes they seem to have
memorized the words and music to certain hymns.  Three strikes and my
dream of hymnal heaven is out.


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