John W. Redelfs wrote:

> I can see where you are coming from, Elmer.  And you are probably right 
> that I need to be more humble.  But after a while a guy gets tired of 
> being 
> misunderstood even though he is speaking the truth.  Speaking the truth 
> should never prompt an argument and bad feelings.  When I mean to point 
> a 
> finger, and make things personal, then I'll let everyone know.  Until 
> then 
> I recommend that those who might be offended read a little more 
> carefully 
> and see if I have singled them out in mere paraphrasing the scriptures 
> and 
> the writings of the prophets.  Usually they will find that I have not.

The problem (?) with quoting or paraphrasing the scriptures and the 
prophets is that almost any one of us stand condemned at any given time 
and we know it.  Even if you're not singling any one of us out when you 
quote 'em, we know - down deep - that these things apply to us.  And we 
can get pretty crabby when we think someone's singling us out, can't we? 
 Especially when the singling-out is coming from someone whom we just 
know is just as fallen as we are.

Heck, John (Hm.  I knew a John Heck once.) -- your constant reminders of 
how we come up short is one of the reasons I tune into the Zion list.  
If I wanted to be flattered, I could go somewhere else.  (Just where 
remains to be seen.)

"Start by doing what's necessary, then what's possible, and suddenly you 
are doing the impossible."

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