John and Gary press on.

> >Anyway, I think the problem lies in something that the sons of Mosiah
> >teach us. We see Ammon and Aaron in Alma 17 set off to different parts
> >amongst the Lamanites. Ammon finds Lamoni and offers to be a servant,
> >makes friends, and converts thousands. Aaron and the others immediately
> >go into telling the Lamanites what they are doing wrong, offend them, 
> >and
> >are cast into prison.

> Gary, there are no nonmembers on this list.  I don't need to worry about 
> converting the Lamanites here regardless of my manner of stating the 
> truth.  Obviously I wouldn't say these things in a mixed audience, but I 
> shouldn't have any problem getting agreement from other Latter-day 
> Saints.  I guess there is just something about my manner that provokes 
> opposition even when I am speaking the truth.

Doesn't seem to be your personality, John.  My guess is that we're so 
used to being on the defense that we automatically react as if we might 
be offending someone (especially in cyberspace -- do we know for sure 
that there are no nonmembers on the list?  There used to be.) -- perhaps 
it's a pavlovian reflex at this point.

Certainly, I notice that - in life outside cyberspace - we speak more 
plainly in the temple than in our chapels, and less plainly in the 
workplace and among our nonmember families than in our chapel buildings.

"Start by doing what's necessary, then what's possible, and suddenly you 
are doing the impossible."

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