At 12:24 12/12/2002 -0400, you wrote:
You guys have it all WRONG! I sliped and fell down some stairs, injuring
my butt so that I can not ride my newly aquired Motorcycle. My complaint
is that I can't ride the thing. I sometimes go out into the garage just
to gaze longingly at it. I tried riding it a week and a half ago and it
REALLY HURT. Made my butt more sore again too!

I have now had the motorcylce over a month and still can't ride it!!

OK, let's try again

You were sipping on the wrong stuff when Bishop Newly showed up on the stairs, presently your countenance fell when he asked you to complain about your tithing and now you're sore afraid that you can't get that motorcycle you've been dreaming of........ plus now you're too weak, and half minded to hurt the garbage man when he gazes longingly at you .....

Did we get it this time??? You're right, this DOES hurt.... Have we ridden this to death yet? Oh, my aching .....

Till the ever helpful

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