Since Scott's motorcycle ownership has been given such a thorough review here, what 
does the list have to say about a stake president owning and using a motorcycle. I 
seem to remember some counsel when I was called about being a good example. Remember I 
live in a small town where everyone seems to think they know each other. Surreptitious 
use of the motorcycle is not an option. Will my being seen on a motorcycle undercut 
the arguments of well meaning and concerned parents mothers who are trying to keep 
their sons from maiming or killing themselves?  Will the poor mothers crumble or at 
least chaff under the weight of "but President Matkin has a motorcycle".  On the other 
hand by participating in a few group rides with the local biking community (organized 
by the local RCMP staff sergeant who is also a high priests group leader in my stake) 
I have been able to rub shoulders with certain people who don't normal frequent our 
Sunday meetings. So that's the dilemma, on the one hand it may be giving justification 
to a rather dangerous sport (especially in the hands of a 17 year old with nothing but 
wind between his ears) and on the other hand if I give it up I lose contact with a lot 
of good friends, some of whom I'm unlikely to see in any other context. 

But most importantly of all, considering the demonstrated danger, should I also avoid 
the use of stairs?


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