So, the bottom line to all this is that Scott should sell his motorcycle and
donate the money to his ward's missionary fund.  Is that what all of you are

It seems clear to me that the Lord has motivated just too many people to
ensure that Scott's mind is in a fog for this to be a coincidence.  This is
the answer to your prayers, Scott.  Remember, when left in a state of
confusion, your decision to keep the beast (is it a model 666?) is wrong.

Repent and sell the sotormichael to a terrorist, so it will be he who slips
on the steps in the future.  And just get rid of that goat!  You're not a
Levite so you won't be needing it.


Till tilled:

> At 10:30 12/12/2002 -0700, Uncle Presidente wrote:
> >Wow ELF, you really have it mixed up this time.  Scott dripped some
> >butter on his stairs while longing to get over his grudge against
> >mountain goats  grazing against two sure things.
> Sure blame it on the buttered cat ......  gloating goats and glazed groats
> and grazed oats indeed!

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