I checked at our store today, and lo and behold, we do have the book "How
Greek Philosophy Corrupted the Christian Concept of God."  I added it to our
website, with the following description (actually, only the first two
paragraphs would fit - but you get all three!).  It is a very good book,
well worth the reading.


"How Greek Philosophy Corrupted the Christian Concept of God" brings
profound new insights to the Trinitarian doctrines of "orthodox"
Christianity. With clear and precise documentation, the book shows how these
doctrines migrated into early Christianity from Greek philosophy. The
various aspects of Trinitarian belief are isolated, linked to their Greek
sources, and carefully analyzed to show how they differ radically from
biblical teaching.

The writings of early Church Fathers, portrayed in their historical context,
show that during the second century theological concepts taught in Platonism
were adopted as Christians struggled to end Roman persecution.  Emperor
Marcus Aurelius, a famous Stoic philosopher, was putting Christians to death
because their beliefs did not conform to the Hellenized religion of the day.
The book shows that the early Church Fathers sought to save their people's
lives by re-defining the Christian God in Greek terms.  Their efforts
brought metaphysics to Christianity and ushered in concepts like the

After presenting the historical setting in which these philosophical errors
were embraced as Christian doctrine, the book compares orthodox Christian
theology today, called "classical theism," to biblical teachings.  The book
identifies how Greek philosophy has influenced each of the major attributes
of God taught in classical theism.  Modern theologians are challenged on
numerous doctrinal points that found their way from Greek philosophy into
ancient creeds, but are found wanting in the light of careful theological,
historic and scientific analysis.  This book constitutes a major challenge
to those who accept the tenants of classical theism, but do not know the
many aspects of their doctrine that are based on Greek philosophy.

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