I'd love to see that one when you get it good and cleaned up.


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If you want to learn more about trinitarianism (albeit from an LDS pov, where I
attack it), I've written 2 versions out of a planned series of 3. The first was
printed in FAIR's early series of monthly newsletters, and was the "short"
version. The "medium" version is on my website at
http://www.members.shaw.ca/mschindler/C/trinity_1.html I've promised FAIR a
"long" version eventually, but it's taking time (well, it *is* the long version,
after all, and I want to make sure I understand some of the twists and turns the
doctrine has taken in its long and confusing history before I try to attack it)

Jon Spencer wrote:

> I checked at our store today, and lo and behold, we do have the book "How
> Greek Philosophy Corrupted the Christian Concept of God." I added it to our
> website, with the following description (actually, only the first two
> paragraphs would fit - but you get all three!). It is a very good book,
> well worth the reading.
> Jon
> "How Greek Philosophy Corrupted the Christian Concept of God" brings
> profound new insights to the Trinitarian doctrines of "orthodox"
> Christianity. With clear and precise documentation, the book shows how these
> doctrines migrated into early Christianity from Greek philosophy. The
> various aspects of Trinitarian belief are isolated, linked to their Greek
> sources, and carefully analyzed to show how they differ radically from
> biblical teaching.
> The writings of early Church Fathers, portrayed in their historical context,
> show that during the second century theological concepts taught in Platonism
> were adopted as Christians struggled to end Roman persecution. Emperor
> Marcus Aurelius, a famous Stoic philosopher, was putting Christians to death
> because their beliefs did not conform to the Hellenized religion of the day.
> The book shows that the early Church Fathers sought to save their people's
> lives by re-defining the Christian God in Greek terms. Their efforts
> brought metaphysics to Christianity and ushered in concepts like the
> Trinity.
> After presenting the historical setting in which these philosophical errors
> were embraced as Christian doctrine, the book compares orthodox Christian
> theology today, called "classical theism," to biblical teachings. The book
> identifies how Greek philosophy has influenced each of the major attributes
> of God taught in classical theism. Modern theologians are challenged on
> numerous doctrinal points that found their way from Greek philosophy into
> ancient creeds, but are found wanting in the light of careful theological,
> historic and scientific analysis. This book constitutes a major challenge
> to those who accept the tenants of classical theism, but do not know the
> many aspects of their doctrine that are based on Greek philosophy.
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