I've read this and Justin Hatch and I have communicated offline. We have agreed to
disagree -- I don't believe Intelligent Design is a proper scientific approach.
Which is not to say it's not interesting, and it's not to say that there was no
Intelligent Designer. Obviously I believe there was -- but it's not science that
leads us to that knowledge.

I've got Norwalk flu, my son got married yesterday, and we leave early tomorrow
morning for a six-hour drive to Taber, near Lethbridge, for a reception there
tomorrow night, coming back Sunday morning, plus ZoneAlarm prevented me from
getting online for the past 3 days, so I'm only responding to 2 or 3 of the 363
messages awaiting me. If you're interested in more about ID vs NOMA (because they
really are pretty well diametrically opposed philosophies, even though ironically
people on both sides can find themselves on the same side of the faith divide),
try [self-promotion alert]:
http://www.members.shaw.ca/mschindler/A/galileo.htm#science (this talks about
creationism, but I don't think there's any fundamental philosophical difference
between ID and creationism -- there are other links that get into more detail, but
this is a very basic overview of my opinions, fwiw).

Steven Montgomery wrote:

> Not to pick on Marc <grin>, but here is a differing viewpoint from an LDS
> scientist regarding the roles of science and religion (or NOMA, as Marc if
> fond of using). I don't have time to comment now (I've been both very sick
> <a very nasty form of influenza> and busy):
> http://www.meridianmagazine.com/sci_rel/021211war.html
> --
> Steven Montgomery
> Recall the new star that announced the birth at Bethlehem? It was in its
> precise orbit long before it so shone. We are likewise placed in human
> orbits to illuminate. Divine correlation functions not only in the cosmos
> but on this planet, too. After all, the Book of Mormon plates were not
> buried in Belgium, only to have Joseph Smith born centuries later in
> distant Bombay. (Elder Neal A. Maxwell, Conference Report, Saturday
> Morning, Oct 2002)
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