Mark - I tried it as well on another list -  it will not work.  Your concept
makes too much sense for someone imbued with science to accept.

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> > NOMA is also very similar to what the 1P said in 1931 in the last
> > statement on the origin of man: leave science to the scientists and
religion to
> > the Brethren. So be careful of criticizing it just because it was
written by an
> > agnostic.
> This is probably not the time to try this again, but not being known for
great reasonableness and consistency, I'll try it anyway:
> Marc, what is God's view of science and religion?  Does He separate the
two?  Does He sort of have a science hat and a religion hat that He puts on
as appropriate?
> Of course, these questions are rhetorical, but I don't recall ever getting
a straight answer from you on them.  If you have answered and I've simply
forgotten, would you mind refreshing my memory?
> The point that I and others on this list have tried to make to you but
have seemingly failed to do is that with God all truth is one.  There is
absolutely no dividing line with "this kind of truth over here" and "that
kind of truth over there".  Granted, there are more important and less
important truths for us here in this life, but even so, while the Book of
Mormon is indispensible, so is the law of gravity.  So it's all one with
God.  The concept of non-overlapping magesteria has no place with God.  His
knowledge embraces it all.  And that's why some of us on this list don't
care much for the notion of NOMA.
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