> Also, if you send the answers to this list, make sure to warn
> everyone that there is spoiler information involved.

Good call.

WARNING!! This message contains SPOILER INFORMATION!! Don't read it 
unless you already know everything it says! In which case, reading it is 
superfluous. But then, I'm talking to a bunch of people that participate 
in an email discussion list, so I'm being redundant.

> 1) What is Gollum's real name?


> 2) What is the name of the king's evil advisor?

Francie Ducros.

> 3) What is an Ent?

The wife of an Ooncle.

> 4) Who is Gollum's friend that helps him?

That would be Mr. Valium.

> 5) How does Frodo escape the tower?

The firemen get him with their ladder rig.

> 6) How many palantiri are there total, and how many are known
> of by the end of book 3?

The same number as before I got here. If you've lost some of your 
palantiri, don't try to pin the blame on me.

> 7) What army does Aragorn raise to help him win a major battle?

An army of those fast-growing Star Wars clones.

Just kidding! He probably just raised himself some army Ents. As you 
know, they are social ensects, and can thrive in one of those 
glass-sided Ent farms.

> That should do it. If you can answer these questions, then I
> agree that you remember the books remarkably well.

About time you made that admission. (By the way, which books are we 
talking about?)


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