Off of the top of my head, I only know the answer to three of these

But what I do remember is the significant impact these books (and Ayn Rand's
books) had on me.  I remember:

1.  The tremendous gratitude I had toward Sam.
2.  The soul-wrenching sadness I felt for Frodo.
3.  The absence of fairness in the world.
4.  The understanding I gained that things change, and some things fade into
the past without regard for their goodness or evil.
5.  The anger I felt for the common man and his self-absorption and total
lack of gratitude.
6.  The love I felt for the Fellowship, and for the many good beings who
came and went in the books.

Tolkien always maintained that there was no message in this trilogy+1, that
it was just a story.  I do not believe this, but this approach certainly
kept him out of a lot of stupid discussions.  There was a message there for
me, and I am grateful for that.


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> Okay, then let me give you this test and see how well  you really
> remember them...
> 1) What is Gollum's real name?
> 2) What is the name of the king's evil advisor?
> 3) What is an Ent?
> 4) Who is Gollum's friend that helps him?
> 5) How does Frodo escape the tower?
> 6) How many palantiri are there total, and how many are known of by the
> end of book 3?
> 7) What army does Aragorn raise to help him win a major battle?
> That should do it. If you can answer these questions, then I agree that
> you remember the books remarkably well. My wife says no cheating by
> peeking in a book for the answers, or asking any other source. Also, if
> you send the answers to this list, make sure to warn everyone that there
> is spoiler information involved.
> K'aya K'ama,
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> Jon:
> Look, I read these books 39 years ago.  I still remember them very well,
> thank you.  I don't have to read them this year.  Stop picking on me!
> (Let's see: 19-11 = 8)
> Jon
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