SPOILERS, don't read further, warning, show off about to be exposed as a fraud, humbug 
and charlatan:

> 1) What is Gollum's real name?

Smeagol (no last name given).  And he wasn't a hobbit, despite what many have said in 
their reviews of the movie.  He was a hobbit-like creature, not an actual hobbit.  His 
cousin was Deagol but his grandmother's name was not given.

> 2) What is the name of the king's evil advisor?

Grima Wormtongue (okay, I forget the rest of his names)

> 3) What is an Ent?

Too easy.  They were originally trees.  But back in the dawn of Middle Earth (or 
perhaps I should say back in the starlight) things could be woken up more easily.

> 4) Who is Gollum's friend that helps him?

He didn't have any friends.  He _claimed_ to have powerful friends, meaning of course 
Sauron and his evil minions.  They did help him escape the Elves but it wasn't an act 
of friendship.

> 5) How does Frodo escape the tower?

This was a little bit contrived on Tolkien's part but the Professor wanted to show 
just how nasty the Orcs were in that they couldn't get along at all with each other.

I have to shake my head at the modern whiners who disparage Tolkien's depiction of 
Orcs as genetically bad.  They apparently want Orcs to be redeemable because its just 
so specist of Tolkien to make Orcs bad by birth.  Strangely, these same people do not 
try to redeem gorillas.

> 6) How many palantiri are there total, and how many are known of by the
> end of book 3?

Hmm, I'm running through the Rhymes of Lore and I believe it goes: Seven stones and 
one white tree.  End of book three: that would have to be two; Saruman's and Sauron's. 
   I've forgotten what happened to the other four.  Lost or destroyed, but how?

> 7) What army does Aragorn raise to help him win a major battle?

You are probably referring to the Paths of the Dead, but there are other things that 
could be argued.

> My wife says no cheating by
> peeking in a book for the answers, 

All straight from memory.  It has been over three years since I last read the books.  
Grima had a last name that wasn't Wormtongue, but I can't recall it.  Must be getting 

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