John W. Redelfs wrote:
I have some anxiety that we may soon find out who has and does not have 

There were some misleading news reports on this, I think.  In the 
headlines last Friday.  Those rotten news guys, they're always trying to 
increase John's anxiety.  :-)

Some of the headlines seemed to be asserting that evidence was found 
indicating that Iran is developing nuclear weapons.  More detailed 
reports indicated that the satellite surveillance photos from last 
September actually found evidence of the construction of unreported 
nuclear power facilities, some of which _might_ be used in the 
production of weapons material, which Iran currently does not have 
access to.  Much of this has been subsequently clarified by the 
Russians, who are apparently providing the technological support for 
construction of the Iranian facilities.

Several of the news reports I read asserted with some authority that 
Iran definitely does _not_ currently have nuclear weapons production 

I was interested to learn that the Russians are now selling nuclear 
technological knowhow.  What a refreshing change for the world to buy 
their nuclear plants from the Russians, instead of from the Canadians, 
or the PRC.  Perhaps the Russian bid was cheaper.  ;->

Mij Ebaboc

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