Jim the Babe wrote:

> John W. Redelfs wrote:
> ---
> I have some anxiety that we may soon find out who has and does not have
> nukes.
> ---
> There were some misleading news reports on this, I think.  In the
> headlines last Friday.  Those rotten news guys, they're always trying to
> increase John's anxiety.  :-)

It is a worldwide conspiracy, of which I must now confess, both the Babes
are a part of.


> I was interested to learn that the Russians are now selling nuclear
> technological knowhow.  What a refreshing change for the world to buy
> their nuclear plants from the Russians, instead of from the Canadians,
> or the PRC.  Perhaps the Russian bid was cheaper.  ;->

They are just moving the old stuff from Chernobyl to Iran.


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