Give me some time John and I think I can demonstrate that this is not
necessarily so.


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> Jim Cobabe favored us with:
> >I think it is not doctrinal to assert that Heavenly Father is "subject
> >to natural law" in the same sense that we are.  To put it thus
> >incorrectly reverses the attribution of cause.
> >
> >God decreed the laws of the universe, and sustains them by the word of
> >His power--the laws are subordinate to Him.  They are becase He is.  He
> >acts in a manner consistent with the laws of His own decree, not because
> >He is "subject" to natural law, but because "natural" laws are _His_
> >laws.
> It is my understanding of Mormon doctrine that the laws by which Heavenly
> Father became and exalted being are coeternal with him.  They are
> uncreate.  And it was by obedience to these laws that he because
> God.  Remember, he was once a mortal man.  The idea that he made all the
> laws included those by which he progressed to become a God is a Protestant
> idea.  It is akin to creating something from nothing, which of course is
> impossible even for God.
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