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My earlier, rather lengthy, post suggested several reasons, in the quotes
provided, why many people agree with the idea that our God is uniquely
responsible for the laws by which we must operate.  What did you think of
their arguments?
I have read quite a lot of Talmage, Joseph Fielding Smith, and McConkie. I like their take on Mormon doctrine. It is the orthodoxy that I cleave to. Reading them I have come to understand that God became God by following the same laws that we must follow to become like him. Why is it so hard to imagine matter that was never created, intelligences that were never created, priesthood that was never created but is without beginning or end, but we cannot believe in uncreated law that never had a beginning or an end.

Tell me, can we have priesthood without law? And was there ever a beginning to priesthood.? I don't think so. If there must be law to have priesthood, and there has always been priesthood, then there has always been law. And all intelligences must obey that law or be damned by it, Heavenly Father not excepted.

"Atheistic humanism is the opiate of the self-described
intellectuals" --Uncle Bob
All my opinions are tentative pending further data. --JWR

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