> Much of what is quoted by Sis Black is from a paper by LaMar
> Garrard, "God, Natural Law, and the Doctrine and Covenants"

Brother Garrard may well have been my wife's and my favorite teacher at 
BYU, even though we only ever had him for one class. When he came in the 
first day, I thought he was the goofiest-looking teacher I had ever 
seen. By the end of the term, I thought his face reflected the 
countenance of Jesus Christ. In fact, it was from him that I most 
forcefully learned that God is the Lawgiver, the very point we're 
discussing now. He's also the teacher who effectively pointed out that 
we do indeed believe in salvation by grace, despite what many Latter-day 
Saints mistakenly believe and even teach.

I also took a genealogy course from Sister Black, which I enjoyed quite 
a bit. I worked harder in that class than in any other religion class I 
ever took. I got very good marks all the way through on tests and 
projects, but only pulled a 'B' on the final. My course grade: B+. I've 
never quite forgiven her for that... (Not that I'd normally be unhappy 
with a B+ in a tough course, but it's the only religion class I ever 
took that I got less than an 'A' in, and I honestly thought I'd earned 
an 'A'. Ah, well. Cue the violins. At least I know how to spell 


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