Stephen - apparently you are not the only one who admires him as I found an
inordinate amount of references to his publication on the subject of natural
law.  He was quoted by all sorts of people.

Thanks for reading the long post I sent.


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> -George-
> > Much of what is quoted by Sis Black is from a paper by LaMar
> > Garrard, "God, Natural Law, and the Doctrine and Covenants"
> Brother Garrard may well have been my wife's and my favorite teacher at
> BYU, even though we only ever had him for one class. When he came in the
> first day, I thought he was the goofiest-looking teacher I had ever
> seen. By the end of the term, I thought his face reflected the
> countenance of Jesus Christ. In fact, it was from him that I most
> forcefully learned that God is the Lawgiver, the very point we're
> discussing now. He's also the teacher who effectively pointed out that
> we do indeed believe in salvation by grace, despite what many Latter-day
> Saints mistakenly believe and even teach.
> I also took a genealogy course from Sister Black, which I enjoyed quite
> a bit. I worked harder in that class than in any other religion class I
> ever took. I got very good marks all the way through on tests and
> projects, but only pulled a 'B' on the final. My course grade: B+. I've
> never quite forgiven her for that... (Not that I'd normally be unhappy
> with a B+ in a tough course, but it's the only religion class I ever
> took that I got less than an 'A' in, and I honestly thought I'd earned
> an 'A'. Ah, well. Cue the violins. At least I know how to spell
> carob-beans.)
> Stephen
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