Stephen Beecroft wrote:

> I would 
> be surprised if any man or woman can name something that God cannot do, 
> whether because of the limitations of "natural law" or anything else, 
> that doesn't fall into this class of false-by-definition.

He cannot lie.

He cannot disobey any of his own commandments.

He cannot go back on his word.

These are not false-by-definition (making a simultaneously non-existant 
thing existent, nor making a weight he cannot lift -- to use two silly 
examples), but actual deeds which he literally cannot do.

I'm not even sure we can say he CHOOSES to not do these things.  That 
may have been once so, but it appears that he long since became a person 
of truth and light -- and thus cannot do works of darkness.

Not that he'd want to.

"Start by doing what's necessary, then what's possible, and suddenly you 
are doing the impossible."

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