George Cobabe wrote:
"Then the discussion might be more profitable if we separated our 
existing universe from....well, whatever it is that transcends it."
We must do so to even begin to understand, or for that matter argue 
over, such matters.  It is the only thing that we are concerned with 
except as understanding the example of the Father in being exalted from 
a mortal man.

I personally find Mormon doctrine and philosophy to be singularly 
pragmatic in this respect.  Very few Mormon intellectuals have 
sequestered themselves in a Tibetan monastery to discover the meaning of 
the universe by contemplating the lint in their navel for five decades.  
We learn about the truths of life by living them and in engaging the 

We cannot concern ourselves with things outside the sphere of knowable, 
simply because we don't have the luxury of time.  There are far too many 
pressing imperatives for me to attend, to attach any priority to lengthy 
philosophizing about other universes or alternative realities.

I'm keeping pretty busy just watching the trail out ahead.  For today, I 
worship my Heavenly Father in this life, give thanks for His great plan 
of salvation, and the mercy extended to me in the atonement of Jesus 

I'm pretty clear on these particulars, and adding others day by day, as 
I can manage.

Mij Ebaboc

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