Marc A. Schindler wrote:
> And this part I would agree with without hesitation. In Jefferson's
> letters on the matter, including his famous (or infamous, depending on
your pov)
> letter regarding the "curtain between church and state", it seems like he
> acting as much out of disgust with existing religions as anything, but he
> write some things which indicated he did not believe Jesus Christ was
> other than a very enlightened teacher. Unfortunately, it's like quoting
> prophets: without their presence to defend or explain themselves, we can
but try
> to interpret them, and we know what that leads to.

Nor did I (believe Jesus was the Son of God) when I was a Deist (although I
had a slightly different view of God than John described).  Mainstream
Christianity is patently absurd in both its epistemological basis and in the
coherency of its teaching.  That's most likely why the FF gave up on it.
That's why at age 12 I decided it was not true.

Clearly, the Holy Ghost did not give up on me, nor does He give up on

This does bring up an interesting topic.  On this list, several members
seemed to claim that you could not get to the CK if you didn't do you work
here on earth for yourself.  I would therefore assume that people like
Jefferson et al and Mother Teresa could not make it to the CK.  I myself do
not agree with that stand, but perhaps I am missing something.

Anyone care to jump in?


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