>>> Marc intelligently replied:
>Be careful when you use Latinate terms: they are often 
>more restrictive than LDS doctrines. [...]
>But that raises the philosophical dilemma of free will. We LDS 
>do *not* believe God is omnipotent in the sense the Romans
>used this term -- we believe he's subject to "natural law," and
>we believe that even spirit is a type of matter. That means 
>we don't believe in the supernatural, but, to coin a word, the
>metanatural. There's a world of difference.
You are correct, Marc. Omnipotent means "unlimited power," while
omniscient is "unlimited knowledge." Thank you for correcting me. :)
On that subject, yes, I agree that God is subject to "natural law" -
but obviously we mortals do not have a full understanding of said law
(and will not until we become as He is, am I right?). I like the word
metanatural, BTW.

>Now with omniscience, which may be the term you meant to
>use, it's not quite as bad, but we also have to understand 
>that the telestial world in which we live has only 1 dimension 
>to time. You can't read apocalyptic texts like Daniel, parts of
>Isaiah and Revelation, not to mention Ezekiel and Matthew 24, 
>without realizing that there might be more than one approach 
>to time. [...]

I also agree that we do not understand *how* God's omniscience works.
However, any discussion of the attributes of God falls under what you
term as "trying to fit God into a box we can understand." Since we are
not like Him yet, and hence do not understand everything He does, we
have to use those terms and concepts that we do understand, while at the
same time recognizing that perhaps we will never truly understand any of
these attributes fully until we arrive on the other side of the veil.
Until then, we work by faith and our comprehension increases line by
line, precept by precept... as the Spirit presents this knowledge to
Unfortunately for me, my understanding of mathematics is just as
limited. I know, I know, I need to repent. :)

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