And I'm sure they use the cry of  "academic freedom" as justification for
using these movies and as a basis for their intolerance for church
standards.  However, BYU is a private university last I knew, and as
such, should not be subject to the same bullying by academicians as
state-funded universities.  My answer to them is "go elsewhere."  We have
many LDS folks working at Notre Dame.  It is a private university, and as
employees of the university, even LDS faculty and staff respect the
dictates of the Catholic church and university officials.   At the very
least, it's a matter of respect and at the most, hmmmm, Words of the

Are these objecting profs LDS?  If they are, shame on them!


Jim Cobabe writes:
> Val wrote:
> ---
> Bravo!  How can we be held as an example to the world, when we have 
> such a double standard.  It's hard enough for me to limit my kids (teen

> and above) to PG-13 movies.  I swear, they have more justifications
> Ole' Scratch himself!
> ---
> You might be surprised to learn the sentiments of a number of BYU 
> professors.  Some of them will simply not tolerate the Church 
> dictating standards to them.
> There also seem to be a number of CES employees who aptly fit the 
> description of "wolves among the flock."
> ---
> Mij Ebaboc

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