To perhaps clarify a point, all seminary teachers (and above) are official
signed-on-the-dotted-line volunteer CES employees.


Geoff FOWLER wrote:

> >>> Jim mentioned:
> > There also seem to be a number of CES employees
> > who aptly fit the description of "wolves among the
> > flock."
> >>> while Jon added:
> > And we have found some in our stake.  When they
> > are discovered, they are gone.  Now!
> While I can see how perhaps a few BYU professors have become,
> unfortunately, secularized in their thinking, I am truly shocked that
> CES faculty would fall to such levels. I should not be surprised,
> however - the Savior Himself testified of it. I guess I have been
> fortunate enough to have never met one of these wretched souls.

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