Yes, even the Church recognizes that there is some inherent flaw in the 
character of people who are divorced.  We are damaged goods, and it 
takes time to make the necessary repairs.

To me the policy is obviously a judgement of my character.  I have been 
informed many times since becoming divorced that I must have deserved 
it.  How can I argue with so many witnesses?

You cannot imagine how much it gratifies me, what a relief to my soul, 
every time I enter the Church and am not denounced and ejected by a 
sentinel at the door.

I was in great fear to pass through the entry of a Temple, The House of 
the Lord.  I knew that the Lord would blast me with lightning for being 
so presumptuous.  Since I recently raised enough courage to obtain a 
recommend, I have crossed the threshhold with my head bowed, praying to 
the Lord that His will be done.  Several times the weather has been 
overcast, but to my great joy, I have never even heard a threatening 

I don't care what extra impositions and rules it takes for me to show 
myself approved.  I'll be happy to do whatever the Lord says.  It's 
worth it.

Mij Ebaboc

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