> No one got back on the subject of why a man can't be a sealer in
> the temple if he has been divorced even by no fault of his own.

I don't know why. I don't think it matters. Being a sealer is not a 
right, and in the strict sense is not even a privilege. It is a calling, 
just like being a gospel doctrine teacher or a bishop or an apostle. We 
don't control our callings. We merely accept them as they come. If the 
Lord's Church has a policy not to call divorced men as sealers, what of 
it? A man needn't be a sealer to gain eternal life. He needn't even hold 
any certain Priesthood office, so long as he holds the Priesthood 

Whether we work as a sealer in the temple, or as the prophet to head the 
Church, or as one who opens a dispensation, is as irrelevant to our 
salvation and exaltation as whether we were asked to be the second grade 
hall monitor during the first week of the year when we were seven. If we 
seek after God and do as we're asked, we will inherit the unimaginable 
-- all that the Father hath. I'm just glad we have temple sealers. I'm 
also glad we have brain surgeons, but I don't particularly want to be 


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