I have followed instructions, receiving a confirming email, but still do not
know the email address to submit posts to.  Will that be coming from
smartgroups in another notice forthwith? or do you have it to give to us?
Or have I been blind and just missed it?


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From: "John W. Redelfs" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: Friday, December 20, 2002 4:01 PM
Subject: [ZION] Notice from Listowner

> The Zion list is moving.
> Because of an unacceptable number of problems at Topica, I am moving the
> Zion list to SmartGroups. (http://www.smartgroups.com/index.cfm?)
> Also, because the software at SmartGroups will not accept a list name of
> only four characters, while hosted at SmartGroups the Zion list will be
> known as ZionsBest.  I apologize for the name change.  It distresses me
> somewhat too.  But it is necessary.
> Please send a blank email to [EMAIL PROTECTED]  Once
> changeover is complete, the Zion list at Topica will be deleted.  Please
> don't get left behind.
> Also, list members may move to the new host on the website listed above.
> I apologize for any inconvenience in this move; but Topica has just become
> too unreliable as a host, and I hope that the list will work better at
> SmartGroups.
> Your friend and brother,
> John W. Redelfs, Listowner of Zion, [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> ///  ZION LIST CHARTER: Please read it at  ///
> ///  http://www.zionsbest.com/charter.html      ///

///  ZION LIST CHARTER: Please read it at  ///
///  http://www.zionsbest.com/charter.html      ///

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