Gary, I accept Elder Maxwells comments with all my heart, as that is the way
I have always beloved.  However how does this reconcile with Elder Nelsons
article in the Ensign where he appears to say something very different?


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> Some on the list have mentioned in the past that God does not love
> sinners, and tried to use recent statements on "unconditional" love to
> prove their point.
> I'd like to quote Elder Neal Maxwell, perhaps the current scriptural
> scholar among the apostles, and definitely the most eloquent and prolific
> writer amongst them. In his book "These things shall give thee
> experience", he states the following concerning God's "perfect love":
> "God loves us all-- saint and sinner alike -- with a perfect and
> everlasting love. We have His love, if not His approval. It is our love
> for Him that remains to be developed. "
> IOW, God loves all, but His approval is dependent upon our obedience and
> faithfulness.
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